Wednesday, May 26, 2010

San Fran, Baby!!

Okay So This Weekend My High Skool Choir Group And I Took A Trip To San Francisco, And Although I Was Excited To Go I Was Even More Excited To See The Fashion In The Dirty Streets Of San Francisco. I Did See People With Amazing Outfits But I Was Too Freaking Shy To Ask For A Pix. Ughhh I Hate That About Me!! So Anyway, I Was Walking Down Height Street With A Group Of Very Kool Friends When I Saw It. . . I Saw The Most Beautiful Jacket By OSCAR De LA RENTA. . . I Literally Felt Like Some One Punched Me Right In My Stomach And Took My Breath Away!! It's So Amazing!! Like The Colors And The Cut Just Great. Ok So Then I Tried Showing It To Some People But No One Understood Why I Felt It Was Beautiful!?!?! (But You Do! Right?) So Anyway I Kept Walkin Down The Street And Walked Into A Kool Vintage Boutique Called BUFFALO EXCHANGE, I Knew What I Wanted From The Beginning . . I Wanted A Totebag . . . And Walked Right Up To The Handbag Section . . . And Then I Saw It . . . THE BAG . . . So Then Again That Feeling Came Back. . . My Stomach Fell To The Ground . . . It Was Mushy-Green All Around With Brown-Leather Straps And A Cute Paouch!! I Fell In Love Right Away!! So I Looked Inside And Read The Label . . . . OMG . . It Read . . . CELINE . Ahhhhhhhh . . What? Are Yoyu Kidding Me!! I Was Soo Excited!! So I Bought It For $30 And Everyone Was Gushing Over It. . It Was Amazing!! I Also Bought Some Kool Shades From A Store Called SUNGLASSES . . Yeah?!?! So That Was My Weekend Update Hahaha!! Heres A Picture Of My Friend Holiday's Vintage COACH Bag . . . To Die!! Love Ya Babes!! Bisous!!